Jamf Connect Deployment Planning

You should thoroughly plan which Jamf Connect features you want to use in your environment before you create configuration profiles and deploy the Jamf Connect PKG. Depending on your user goals, you may need to prepare and package additional files for deployment alongside Jamf Connect.

Consider the following common user goals, corresponding Jamf Connect features, and their file requirements:
User Goal Jamf Connect FeaturesFile Requirements 
Display a splash screen during Automated Device Enrollment that displays information about the computer's enrollment process to users. Notify ScreenNotify script 
Require users to agree to an acceptable use policy before accessing the computer. 

Acceptable Use Policy Screen

An acceptable use policy document or Apple policy banner 
Display custom branding in the Jamf Connect login window and menu bar app for your organization. 

Custom Branding

Image files 
Provide additional help for users with network connection issues when they click the Help button at the login window. 

Login Window User Help Settings

Help file

Planning Your Jamf Connect Deployment Needs

Before you continue with the Jamf Connect deployment process, ensure you complete the following planning steps:

  1. Determine which relevant workflows and settings you want to configure with Jamf Connect in your environment. 
  2. Identify or create all files needed to support your deployment of Jamf Connect, such as the following: 
    • Custom login window images 

    • Custom menu bar app images 

    • Acceptable use policy file 

    • User help file 

    • Notify screen script 

    • Menu bar app scripts

After you have planned your Jamf Connect deployment, continue to the Packaging Files and Images with Composer to package your custom files.

Deployment Methods

Depending on whether you are deploying to existing computers that are already enrolled in Jamf Pro or new computers via Automated Device Enrollment, you can use one of the following deployment methods:

  • Existing Computers

    Configure deployment and update settings using the Jamf Connect deployment integration in Jamf Pro to automatically deploy the Jamf Connect package to computers in the scope of your configuration profiles.


    If computers in your environment are mobile accounts that bound to Active Directory, you must also use Jamf Connect to convert (demobilize) them to local accounts. For more information, see the Demobilizing and Unbinding Mobile Accounts with Jamf Connect and Jamf Pro technical article.

    For more information about the deployment integration in Jamf Pro, see Jamf Connect Configuration Profiles in Jamf Pro.
  • New Computers

    Create a PreStage enrollment that includes the Jamf Connect package and any additional custom files and images required for deployment settings. To ensure your package of custom files and the Jamf Connect package install in the correct order during Automated Device Enrollment, manually uploading the Jamf Connect package to Jamf Pro and including it as an enrollment package is recommended.

    Once enrollment is complete, you can use the Jamf Connect update settings for configuration profiles to manage subsequent updates.