Adding a Login Script

You can configure Jamf Connect to run a script after authentication at the login window. For example, if configuring Jamf Connect with the notify screen during an Automated Device Enrollment workflow, you can add the notify screen script file path to your login window configuration profile.


You need a script to run during the Jamf Connect login process.

  1. Confirm that the RunScript loginwindow mechanism is enabled by executing the following command:
    authchanger -print
    If the RunScript mechanism is not included in the list of mechanisms, enable it by executing the following command:
    sudo /usr/local/bin/authchanger -JamfConnect
  2. Add your login script to the Jamf Connect package that includes other custom files for your deployment.
  3. Use your preferred configuration method to add the Script Path (ScriptPath) to your Jamf Connect login window configuration profile.