Subsequent and Routine Logins

This section describes typical end user experiences for various configurations of Jamf Connect.

Logins with OpenID Connect Authentication

  1. Jamf Connect displays the IdP login window. The user enters their network username and password and follows the on-screen instructions.


    If multifactor authentication (MFA) is configured in your IdP, the user completes an MFA challenge. The appearance may vary depending on which IdP you are using and how MFA is configured.

  2. The user verifies their password, which ensures that the local password matches the network password, and clicks Log In.


Jamf Connect verifies that the network and local passwords match, and the user is logged in.

Note: If the user's local password is out of sync with the network password, Jamf Connect will prompt the user to sync passwords before log in completes.

Logins with Okta

  1. The user enters their network username and password.

  2. (Optional) If MFA is enabled, the user is prompted to select and complete an MFA challenge.

The user is logged in and the Finder displays.

Local Logins

If the Require Network Authentication (DenyLocal) setting not enabled, the user can bypass network authentication and log in with their local account credentials. This login method is also available if a network connection is not available and the Allow Local Fallback (LocalFallback) setting is enabled.

  1. The Jamf Connect login window displays.

  2. The user clicks Local Login.

  3. The user enters their local account username and password and clicks Log In.


The user is logged in and the Finder displays.

Logins on FileVault Encrypted Computers

If FileVault is enabled, the user must complete an additional authentication step to unlock the computer disk before the Jamf Connect login window can display.

  1. After the computer starts up, and the user is presented with a FileVault login window.

  2. The user enters their local password to unlock the disk.


  3. The disk is unlocked and the Jamf Connect login window displays.

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