Login Scripts

You can configure Jamf Connect Login to run a script after the authentication process. For example, if configuring Jamf Connect Login with the notify screen during an Automated Device Enrollment workflow, you can add the notify screen script file path to your login window configuration profile.

To add a script to the Jamf Connect Login login process, do the following:

  1. Confirm that the RunScript loginwindow mechanism is enabled by executing the following command.

    authchanger -print

    If the RunScript mechanism is not included in the list of mechanisms, enable it by executing the following command:

    sudo /usr/local/bin/authchanger -JamfConnect

  2. Add a script to the Jamf Connect package.
    For more information about modifying the Jamf Connect installer package, see the Customizing the Jamf Connect Login Package with Composer Knowledge Base article.

  3. Use your preferred configuration method to add script settings to your Jamf Connect configuration profile.

Login Script Settings

Domain: com.jamf.connect.login

Description: Used to execute scripts during the login process.

Note: The RunScript mechanism must be enabled before configuring script preferences.





Script Arguments

The arguments used with a specified script run by the RunScript mechanism

Note: The ScriptPath key must bey specified.







Script Path

Specifies the path to a script or other executable run by the RunScript mechanism. Only one script can be used with Jamf Connect Login at any time.




Display Jamf Pro policy logs as status updates on notify screen

When the Jamf Connect notify screen is configured, display Jamf Pro's policy logs during Automated Device Enrollment (formerly DEP) as status updates to users.

To enable this setting, set this value to "jamf".



Related Information

For related information about configuring a notify screen script, see Notify Screen.

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