Integrating with Google Identity

You must integrate Jamf Connect with Google ID by creating OAuth 2.0 credentials for the app.

  1. Log in to Google Cloud.

  2. Click the Navigation menu icon images/download/thumbnails/81552365/Screen_Shot_2020-07-09_at_9.09.56_AM.png in the upper-left corner.

  3. Click APIs & Services > Credentials.

    Note: You may be prompted to create a project and assign it to your organization.

  4. Choose "OAuth client ID" from the Create credentials pop-up menu.

  5. Do the following on the "Create OAuth client ID" page:

    1. Under "Application type", select Web application.

    2. Enter "Jamf Connect" or something similar in the Name field.

    3. Enter a valid URI, such as "", in the Authorized redirect URIs field.

  6. Click Create.

Your client credential for Jamf Connect has been successfully created, and a dialog containing your client ID and client secret will display. Make sure to copy the client ID and client secret to your clipboard. These values will be included in your Jamf Connect configuration profile.

Important: You must also configure Google's user consent screen, which describes what information Jamf Connect will access from the user's Google account. To configure, navigate to API & Services > Credentials > OAuth consent screen.

Related Information

For more information about creating OAuth 2.0 credentials, see the following documentation from Google:

For related information about configuring Google ID with Jamf Connect, see the following:

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