Known Issues

As part of our ongoing effort to ensure that content we publish is meaningful, the known issues list includes only high-impacting issues that meet the minimum requirements for Jamf Connect.

Bold formatting indicates newly included issues.

The following issues are known in Jamf Connect:

Login Window

  • [PI-007071] The Jamf Connect login window may interrupt incremental macOS updates on Mac computers with T2 chip.

  • [PI-008155] Jamf Connect creates an empty recovery key PLIST file when the EnableFDERecoveryKey and LAPSUser preference keys are both configured.

  • [PI-008286] Jamf Connect does not provide the ability to enable Wi-Fi or populate the list of available networks at the login screen if Wi-Fi is disabled.

  • [PI-008376] Pressing a key while on the notify screen causes the word "testing" to appear beneath the progress bar.

  • [PI-008704] When using OIDC apps to configure standard and administrator accounts for Okta users, a user that is first created with an administrator account is not demoted to a standard account when they are removed from the administrator OIDC app assignment in Okta.
    Workaround: Use a Jamf Pro policy to demote the user account.

  • [PI-008725] When a custom short name is configured with the Short Name (OIDCShortName) setting, password verification does not succeed and the custom short name is not added as an alias to the user's local account.

  • [PI-008935] [JC-2017] Custom messages displayed with the Login Window Message (LoginWindowMessage) setting do not display correctly and hide the last word of the message.

Menu Bar App

  • [PI-008909] Jamf Connect fails to sync and store passwords in Keychain if the password contains the pound symbol ( £).

  • [PI-008951] The menu bar app does not respect AutoMFA preferences if the computer was deployed the PLIST file with Jamf Pro.

Jamf Connect Configuration

  • [JC-854] The Create a Separate Local Password checkbox is unchecked by default, but the setting is enabled by default in the Jamf Connect login window.
    Workaround: To disable this setting, select, and then deselect the checkbox.

  • [JC-1577] Text entered in the MFA Message setting in the Login tab does not display.
    Workaround: Click the </> button to view the entered text for the setting in XML.

  • [JC-1746] When editing a configuration profile in the XML editor, users can unexpectedly edit the OIDCProvider setting to values that are not supported by Jamf Connect.

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