Login Script

You can configure Jamf Connect Login run a script after the authentication process. For example, if configuring Jamf Connect Login with the Notify splash screen during Automated Device Enrollment, you can add the Notify script to your configuration profile.

To add a script to the Jamf Connect Login authentication process, do the following:

  1. Add the RunScript mechanism to the Jamf Connect loginwindow application by executing the following command.

    sudo authchanger -reset -OIDC -preAuth JamfConnectLogin:RunScript,privileged

    Note: If Okta is your cloud identity provider (IdP), replace "-OIDC" with "-Okta".

  2. Add a script to the Jamf Connect Login package.

  3. Do the following in Jamf Connect Configuration:

  1. Click New.

  2. Complete the Setup Assistant and click Advanced Setup.

  3. Click the Login tab.

  4. In the Script section, enter your script's file path in the Script Path field.

  5. (Optional) Enter any arguments used with your script in the Script Arguments field.

  6. (Optional) Configure any additional settings for Jamf Connect Login.

  7. Click File > Save.

  8. Choose Jamf Connect Login as the configured application.

  9. Choose Configuration Profile (.mobileconfig) or Property List (.plist) as the file format.

    Note: If saving as a .mobileconfig, you must also complete the payload configuration profile data fields.

  10. Click Save.

You saved configuration profile is now ready to be uploaded to target computers.

Related Information

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