Additional Resources

Jamf Nation
The Jamf Nation website allows you to communicate with other Jamf Connect administrators via discussions, submit feature requests, and access several different types of resources related to Jamf Pro.

Knowledge Base
The Knowledge Base contains hundreds of articles that address frequently asked questions and common issues.

Release Notes

Release Notes
The Release Notes section in this guide contains information about new features, bug fixes, and known issues in each Jamf Connect release.

Other Resources

For access to Jamf Pro-related resources, see the following resources:

  • Resources on
    The Resources area on the Jamf website gives you access to product documentation, best practice workflows, technical papers, and more.

  • Jamf Connect Evaluation Guide
    This guide contains simple steps for installing and configuring Jamf Connect apps for evaluating customers.

  • Jamf Online Training Catalog
    The Jamf Online Training Catalog includes the "Getting Started with Jamf Connect Series", which consists of several videos to help you configure and deploy Jamf Connect.

  • Jamf Marketplace
    The Jamf Marketplace is a central location for you to find, learn about, and utilize valuable tools to integrate with and extend the Jamf platform.

  • MacAdmins Slack Channel
    Join the MacAdmins Slack community, and then join the #jamf-connect Slack Channel to chat with other Jamf Connect users.

  • About OpenID Connect
    Learn about OpenID Connect, which is an authentication protocol used by Jamf Connect.

For additional information from cloud identity providers (IdPs) supported in Jamf Connect, see the following resources:

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