Enabling the Notify Mechanism

Jamf Connect Login includes a Notify mechanism that allows for a progress bar, customized text, and images to display during the loginwindow process. You can also use run scripts.

Enabling the Notify Mechanism

The Notify mechanism is not included in the loginwindow application by default. You can use the authchanger to enable both the Notify mechanism and RunScript mechanisms:

authchanger -reset -OIDC -preAuth JamfConnectLogin:RunScript,privileged JamfConnectLogin:Notify

Both mechanisms are enabled after the user login window UI is displayed but before the system signs them in.

Note: The RunScript is "privileged" which means it will run as root.

To set the script, you can use the "ScriptPath" configuration key, which can be specified with a configuration profile or with a command:

Configuration Profile





Specifies the script run in the RunScript mechanism run in the loginwindow




sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.jamf.connect.login.plist ScriptPath /usr/local/bin/login.sh

Script Arguments

You can pass arguments to the Notify mechanism. These are sent to your script as command line arguments in the order set.

For fixed arguments, you can use the ScriptArgs preference key to send an array of strings of arguments. You can also use variable substitution arguments.

Related Information

For more information about the loginwindow, see the loginwindow Mechanics section of this guide.

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