Installing a Jamf Infrastructure Manager Instance for Ubuntu

  1. Log in to Jamf Account and go to the following page:
  2. Download the Jamf Infrastructure Manager installer bundle for Ubuntu jamf-im-version_lps.deb to the computer on which you plan to install it.

    In the installer filename, version is the version of the installer you are downloading. For example, jamf-im-2.3.0-0_lps.deb.

  3. (Optional) If your environment requires you to move the Infrastructure Manager after downloading it, execute a command similar to the following:
    scp /path/to/jamf-im-version_lps.deb sshusername@jim.server.hostname:/tmp/
    Ensure the following:
    • /path/to/jamf-im-version_lps.deb is the file path for the Infrastructure Manager installer bundle on your computer.
    • sshusername is the username on the server that has administrator Secure Shell (SSH) privileges.
    • jim.server.hostname is the hostname or IP address of your Jamf Infrastructure Manager.

  4. Log in to the server as a user with superuser privileges.

    If your environment requires you to move the Infrastructure Manager after downloading it, you must connect to the server over SSH or navigate directly to the /tmp/ directory.

  5. Initiate the installer by executing a command similar to the following:
    sudo dpkg --install /path/to/jamf-im-version_lps.deb
  6. Enter the Jamf Pro URL. For example, (hosted in Jamf Cloud) or (hosted on-premise).
  7. Enter credentials for a Jamf Pro user account with the "Infrastructure Manager Instances" privilege.
  8. Enter the Jamf Pro password.
  9. Enter the hostname of the computer on which the Infrastructure Manager is installed.

    For example,

    • The hostname must be externally resolvable and follow the fully qualified domain name format.

    • If your Jamf Pro server is hosted in Jamf Cloud, the Infrastructure Manager server must be publicly reachable.

  10. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

When the installation is complete, you can enable the Jamf Infrastructure Manager for LDAP Proxy in Jamf Pro.