Performing In-place Upgrades for Ubuntu

  1. Log in to Jamf Account and go to the following page:
  2. Download the Jamf Infrastructure Manager Installer Bundle for Ubuntu jamf-im-version_lps.deb to the computer on which you plan to install it.

    In the installer filename, version is the version of the installer you are downloading. For example, jamf-im-2.3.0-0_lps.deb.

  3. (Optional) If your environment requires you to move the Jamf Infrastructure Manager after downloading it, execute a command similar to the following:
    scp /path/to/jamf-im-version_lps.deb sshusername@jim.server.hostname:/tmp/
  4. Log in to the server as a user with superuser privileges.
  5. Initiate the installer by executing a command similar to the following:
    sudo dpkg --install /path/to/jamf-im-version_lps.deb