Enabling the Healthcheck Endpoint

The Healthcheck endpoint allows you to view the status of your environment. The initial installation of the Jamf Infrastructure Manager instance disables the default Healthcheck endpoint; you will need to perform the following steps to re-enable it.

  1. Edit one of the following files:
    • Linux OS:

    • Windows:

      C:\Program Files\Jamf\Infrastructure Manager\config\jsam\application.properties
  2. Change the last line in the file from actuator.enabled=false to actuator.enabled=true.
  3. Restart the LDAP Proxy.
  4. (Optional) Verify the endpoint is enabled by running the following command to verify "status":"UP" is in the payload:
    • Linux OS:

      curl -v localhost:8081/actuator/health
    • Windows:

      curl http://localhost:8081/actuator/health