Connecting to Apple

Connecting your Jamf Pro instance to Apple via the Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager web portal is an essential step towards managing your organization's Apple devices and content.

The following integrations, which involve downloading and uploading tokens, establish trust between your Jamf Pro instance and Apple and enables the following Apple enrollment and content management services:
  • Automated Device Enrollment

    Automated Device Enrollment using Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager allows you to automatically download Jamf Pro management settings to Apple devices immediately upon activation. To set up Automated Device Enrollment, log in to Jamf Pro and click Automated Device Enrollment.

  • Volume Purchasing (Apps and Books)

    App distribution with Jamf Pro is a simple process when you integrate with volume purchasing (Apps and Books) in Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager. Apps and Books provides the best way for organizations to centrally purchase and deploy apps. When you purchase apps for managed distribution, your organization can assign apps to an employee's Apple ID or device while retaining ownership of the app. Jamf Pro requires a volume purchasing integration to connect to Apps and Books and deploy paid iPad or iPhone apps, or any Mac or Apple TV apps. To set up volume purchasing, log in to Jamf Pro and click Volume Purchasing.

Connecting to Apple Business Manager

Connecting to Apple School Manager