Completing the Jamf Pro Setup Assistant

The Setup Assistant guides you through the setup of a new instance of Jamf Pro.


You must have the following to complete the Setup Assistant:

  • Jamf Pro instance name

    Contact to choose an instance name to be used for your instance URL.

  • Jamf Pro activation code from Jamf Account.

    To access this code, go to and log in with a Jamf ID or create one. Navigate to Products > Pro and locate the card containing your Jamf Pro instance name.

  1. Go to your instance URL in your preferred browser.

    Your URL is in the format:

  2. Read the Jamf Pro license agreement, and then click Accept.
  3. Enter your organization name and Jamf Pro activation code.
    Best Practice: Your organization name displays on all devices during enrollment when the management profile installs. Jamf recommends choosing a name your users will recognize and trust, and that matches the function of this Jamf Pro server.
  4. Click Next to create your first Jamf Pro user account.
  5. Enter the desired username and password.
  6. Log in to Jamf Pro using the newly created username and password.
The Jamf Pro dashboard displays. To continue your instance setup, you can now create additional user accounts, setup email notifications, or single sign-on (SSO).