Lesson 1: Course Introduction

Note: This content is also available in Deutsche, Français, and 日本語.


Introduce the Jamf 100 Course and how to navigate through the content.


Key Points

  • The Jamf 100 Course is the first in a set of sequential course offerings from Jamf.

  • There are nine sections in this course:

    • Overview

    • iOS Core Competencies

    • iOS Management

    • tvOS Core Competencies

    • tvOS Management

    • macOS Core Competencies

    • macOS Management

    • Conclusion

    • Exam Preparation

  • Lesson structure:

    • Objective: A statement or statements about the content in the lesson.

    • Video: A short demonstration of the content in the lesson by a Jamf instructor.

    • Key Points: Brief descriptions of content covered within the video.

    • Jamf Pro Navigational Aid: Contextual clues for navigating within Jamf Pro.

    • Review: Comprehension questions to recap the lesson content.

    • Practice: Exercises to apply the information from the lesson in a managed environment.

    • Resources: Links to lesson-related content.

  • The Jamf 100 Course is self-paced. This allows content to be covered at any speed and in any order.


  1. What information can be found in the Jamf Pro Navigational Aid section of each lesson?

  2. If someone only wanted to learn about management with Jamf Pro, which sections would they go through?


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