Reflect on the course, what was covered, and next steps for personal growth.


Key Points

  • Take a moment to reflect on what you learned and how you have grown throughout this course.

  • Consider writing down your next steps to strengthen the chance of accomplishing your future goals.

  • When you're ready, take the Jamf Certified Associate exam.

  • The Jamf Online Training Catalog offers many more online learning opportunities for Jamf customers at no additional cost.

  • Visit the Jamf Training and Certification website for additional information about our courses and other training opportunities.


In the video, we mention that you will have seven (7) days to take the Associate Exam after purchase. We're happy to let you know that this policy has changed! Now, anyone who purchases the exam will have forty-five (45) days to complete it.


  1. How does one become a Jamf Certified Associate?

  2. Where can existing Jamf customers access additional online training material?

  3. Where can information be found for instructor-led courses?

For answers to these review questions, click here.


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