Restricting tvOS Apps

You can use Jamf Pro to create a mobile device configuration profile that restricts certain tvOS apps and specify the Apple TV devices and users to which the profile should be applied (called "scope"). Mobile device configuration profiles are XML files (.mobileconfig) that provide an easy way to define settings and restrictions for mobile devices.


To restrict tvOS apps, you need:

  • Jamf Pro 9.101.0 or later

  • Supervised Apple TV devices with tvOS 11 or later

  • A valid push certificate in Jamf Pro


  1. Log in to Jamf Pro.

  2. Click Devices at the top-left of the page.

  3. Click Configuration Profiles.

  4. Click New images/download/thumbnails/80769837/Icon_New_Button.png .

  5. On the General pane, enter a name for the profile and configure other settings on the pane as needed.

  6. To configure the tvOS app restrictions, click the Restrictions tab, and do the following, depending on the Jamf Pro version in your environment:
    Jamf Pro 10.22.0 or later

    1. Click the Apps tab.

    2. Select tvOS and Supervised in the filter.

    3. Configure the App usage setting as needed.

    Jamf Pro 10.21.0 or earlier

    1. Click iOS and tvOS.

    2. Click Applications.

    3. Choose “Do Not Allow Some Apps” or “Only Allow Some Apps” from the Restrict App Usage (supervised only) pop-up menu.

    4. Click Add images/download/thumbnails/80769837/Icon_Add_Button.png .

    5. Enter the app name in the App Name field.

    6. Repeat steps d through e as needed.

  7. Click the Scope tab and configure the scope of the profile. With scope, you can add targets, limitations, and exclusions for remote management tasks.

    1. On the Targets pane, choose “All Mobile Devices” or “Specific Mobile Devices” from the Target Mobile Devices pop-up menu.

    2. (Optional) For Selected Deployment Targets, click Add, and then select a deployment target.

  8. Click Done.

  9. To deploy the configuration profile, click Save.
    Note: If a device has two or more configuration profiles with restrictions, it will accept the most restrictive settings.

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