Email Notifications

Email notifications can be sent from the Jamf Software Server (JSS) to JSS users when the following events occur:

  • A computer is enrolled using an Imaging PreStage.

  • An error occurs during imaging.

  • An error occurs while a policy is running.

  • A restricted software violation occurs.
    Note: For this to work, email notifications must also be enabled for the individual restricted software records. (For more information, see Restricted Software.)

  • The license limit for a licensed software record is exceeded.
    Note: For this to work, email notifications must also be enabled for the individual licensed software records. (For more information, see Licensed Software Records.)

  • Smart computer group membership changes.

  • Smart mobile device group membership changes.

  • Smart user group membership changes.

  • Tomcat is started or stopped.

  • The database is backed up successfully.

  • A database backup fails.

  • The JSS fails to add a file to a JDS instance or the cloud distribution point.

  • An instance of the JSS web application in a clustered environment fails.

  • The VPP service token for a VPP account is approaching its expiration date.
    Note: The first email notification is sent 31 days before the token expires. Email notifications are sent once a week until the token is 7 days from its expiration date, at which time the email notifications are sent every day until the token expires. After the token has expired, no email notifications are sent.

  • A Jamf Infrastructure Manager instance has not checked in with the JSS.
    Note: An email notification is sent if the Infrastructure Manager fails to check in with the JSS after three attempts. Only one notification is sent for this event.

Each JSS user can choose which email notifications they want to receive.


To enable email notifications, you need:

Enabling Email Notifications

  1. Log in to the JSS with a web browser.

  2. At the top of the page, click the disclosure triangle next to your username and then click Notifications.

  3. Select the checkbox for each event that you want to receive email notifications for.

  4. Click Save.

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