About Patch Management

In the Jamf Software Server (JSS), the patch management process is different for Apple Updates than for third-party macOS software title updates.

Patch management for Apple Updates consists of running Software Update on computers via policies. This process installs all updates available from Apple. To customize the process, you can use NetSUS to control which computers get which updates, or deploy macOS manually.

Patch management for third-party macOS software titles consists of:

  • Taking inventory of the software titles and versions in your environment

    • If the third-party macOS software title is in the JSS, you can configure patch reporting

    • If the software title is not in the JSS, you can use advanced computer searches and smart computer groups to identify computers that need to be updated

  • Determining when vendors release new updates

    • If the third-party macOS software title is in the JSS, you can configure patch notifications

    • If the software title is not in the JSS, use the Internet to search for updates

  • Creating a package when an update becomes available

  • Uploading the package to a distribution point

  • Deploying the package using smart groups and a policy
    To configure the scope of the policy, smart computer groups that use the "greater than" and "less than" operators can be used.

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