Migrating to Another Server

  1. Back up the existing jamfsoftware database using the JSS Database Utility.
    For more information, see Backing Up the Database.

  2. Ensure that the new server meets the requirements for the JSS Installer, and then follow the instructions in Installing the JSS to install the required software (if needed) and create the jamfsoftware database.

  3. Copy the JSS Installer to the new server.

  4. Install the JSS by launching the installer and following the onscreen instructions.
    For more information, see Installing the JSS.

  5. Copy the database backup to the new server, and then use the JSS Database Utility to restore the backup.
    For more information, see Restoring Database Backups.

  6. Re-upload or create the SSL certificate.
    For more information, see SSL Certificate.

  7. Update the DNS entry to point to the new server’s IP address.
    Note: If you can’t change the DNS entry, you must change the JSS URL and re-enroll all mobile devices and computers.

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