Applications and Utilities

This section provides an overview of the applications and utilities that you need to install and maintain the JAMF Software Server (JSS), and JAMF Distribution Server (JDS) instances.

JAMF Software Server

The JAMF Software Server (JSS) is a web application that functions as the administrative core of the Casper Suite. The JSS allows you to perform inventory and remote management and configuration tasks on managed computers and mobile devices. All other administrative applications in the Casper Suite communicate with the JSS.

JSS Installer for Mac

The JSS Installer for Mac is a standard .pkg installation package that allows you to install and upgrade the JSS on Mac. It is signed by JAMF Software.

The JSS Installer for Mac also allows you to create your initial JDS instance during a fresh installation. For more information on JDS instances, see JAMF Distribution Server Instances.

JSS Database Utility

The JSS Database Utility allows you to back up and restore the jamfsoftware database. It also allows you to restart Apache Tomcat and MySQL and modify their settings.

The JSS Database Utility is installed automatically when you run the JSS Installer. It is located in:


JDS Installers

The JDS Installer for Mac (.pkg) and the JDS Installer for Linux (.run) allow you to install JDS instances on Mac or supported Linux operating systems.

A JDS instance is a distribution point that is managed by the JSS, similar to a computer or mobile device. For more information on JDS instances, see JAMF Distribution Server Instances.

To obtain the JDS Installers, log in to JAMF Nation and go to the following page:

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