NetBoot Servers

Adding a NetBoot server to the JAMF Software Server (JSS) is the first step to booting computers to a NetBoot image using a policy or Casper Remote. NetBoot images are commonly used in place of recovery partitions or external drives when imaging.

Adding a NetBoot Server

  1. Log in to the JSS with a web browser.

  2. In the top-right corner of the page, click Settings images/download/thumbnails/13828264/Settings_icon.png .

  3. Click Computer Management.

  4. In the “Computer Management–Server Infrastructure” section, click NetBoot Servers images/download/thumbnails/13828264/NetBoot_Servers.png .

  5. Click New images/download/thumbnails/13828264/New_icon.png .

  6. Configure the settings on the pane.

  7. Click Save.

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