JSS Health Check Page

The JAMF Software Server (JSS) health check page allows you to view the status of your environment. This can be useful for identifying performance and configuration issues. For example, you can use the JSS health check page to ensure all instances of the JSS web application in a clustered environment are running without error.

Note: The JSS health check page is not the same as the JSS Health Check service provided by JAMF Software Support.

The following table lists the possible status the JSS health check page may return:




An error occurred while testing the database connection.


The JSS Setup Assistant was detected.


A configuration error occurred while attempting to connect to the database.


The JSS web application is initializing.


An instance of the JSS web application in a clustered environment failed to start.


A fatal error occurred and prevented the JSS web application from starting.

[ ]

The JSS web application is running without error.

Using the JSS Health Check Page

To navigate to the JSS health check page, append "healthCheck.html" to your JSS URL. For example:


The status of your environment displays on the screen.

Once you have identified the status of your environment, you can take steps to resolve any issues that were found.

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