Image a Computer

After you create a configuration, image a computer using the configuration.

Imaging computers with the Casper Suite involves booting computers to a startup disk other than the target drive and then using the Casper Imaging application to deploy a configuration.


To image a computer, you need:

  • A distribution point in the JSS (For more information, see About Distribution Points in the Casper Suite Administrator's Guide.)

  • A USB/FireWire drive, Restore partition, or NetBoot image that has Casper Imaging installed

Note: If you are using Casper Imaging on a host computer with OS X v10.5 or v10.6, you will need Casper Imaging v9.4 or earlier.

Imaging a Computer

  1. On the target computer, boot to the USB/FireWire drive, Restore partition, or NetBoot image.

  2. Open Casper Imaging and authenticate locally.

  3. Authenticate to the JSS when prompted.

  4. Choose the drive to image from the Target Drive pop-up menu.

  5. Select the Erase target drive checkbox.

  6. Assign a name to the computer by entering a name in the Computer Name field.

  7. Choose your configuration from the Configuration pop-up menu.

  8. Select the Boot to target drive after imaging checkbox.

  9. Choose a distribution point from the Distribution Point pop-up menu.

  10. Click Image.

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