What's New in This Release

This release includes bug fixes only. The fixes are as follows:

  • Fixed an issue where iPads could not process MDM commands if DataQuota was not present in the UserList response.

  • Fixed an issue where JSS instances would sometimes crash due to a VPP app installation failing.

  • [PI-002129] Fixed an issue where EDU Profile installs could cause JSS instability.

  • [PI-002276] Fixed an issue where looking up purchasing information from GSX returned a "RPR.COM.008: Choose a Ship-To location" error.

  • [PI-002293] Fixed an issue where editing and saving applications with the same bundle ID would remove outgoing commands to everyone that had the app scoped to them, causing apps to sometimes be removed and reinstalled.

  • [PI-002302] Fixed an issue where App Catalog entries were unable to be saved with the same version and bundle ID.

For more information on what is included in v9.92, see the v9.92 Casper Suite Release Notes.

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