Share the Screen of Another Computer

Screen sharing allows you to remotely view and control the screen of another computer.


To share the screen of another computer, SSH (Remote Login) must be enabled on the target computer.

Note: If you are using Casper Remote on a computer with OS X v10.5 or v10.6, you will need Casper Remote v9.4 or earlier.

Sharing the Screen of Another Computer

  1. Open Casper Remote and authenticate to the JSS.

  2. In the list of computers, select the computer that you want to screen share with.

  3. Click Screen Share images/download/thumbnails/11272453/Screen_Share_icon-2.png .

  4. When prompted, choose a screen sharing option:

    • To allow the end user to see the screen sharing session, choose “Share Display” (OS X v10.8–v10.11) or “Ask to share the display” (OS X v10.7).

    • To hide the screen sharing session, choose “Log In” (OS X v10.8–v10.11) or “Connect to a virtual display” (OS X v10.7).

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