Explore More: Imaging

  • About Imaging—Learn about the different imaging methods.

  • Managing Packages—Learn how to manage packages so you can deploy or uninstall them during imaging.

  • Managing Scripts—Learn how to manage scripts so you can run them during imaging.

  • Managing Printers—Learn how to manage printers so you can map or unmap them during imaging.

  • Managing Dock Items—Learn how to manage Dock items so you can add or remove them during imaging.

  • Managing Directory Bindings—Learn how to manage directory bindings so you can bind computers during imaging.

  • Booting Computers to NetBoot Images—Find out how to boot computers to a NetBoot image for imaging purposes.

  • PreStage Imaging—Find out how to use PreStage imaging so you can image new computers as you add them to the network.

  • Autorun Imaging Settings—Find out how to configure the settings for Autorun imaging.

  • Autorun Imaging—Find out how to store imaging settings in the JAMF Software Server (JSS) so you don’t have to configure them at imaging time. This also allows you to fully automate the imaging process, if desired.

  • Target Mode Imaging—Learn how to image multiple computers subsequently by connecting them to a host computer using a Firewire or Thunderbolt cable.

  • Customizing the Imaging Process—Find out how to customize the imaging process using Casper Imaging or using the JSS to configure a PreStage or Autorun data.

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