Enroll Computers Using a QuickAdd Package

You can use Recon to create a QuickAdd package that enrolls OS X computers when it is installed. This type of QuickAdd package can be deployed using almost any deployment tool, such as Apple Remote Desktop or the Casper Suite.

To install a QuickAdd package, you double-click it and then follow the onscreen instructions.

Note: If you are using Recon on a computer with OS X v10.5 or v10.6, you will need Recon v9.4 or earlier.

Enrolling Computers Using a QuickAdd Package

  1. Open Recon and authenticate to the JSS.

  2. Select QuickAdd Package in the sidebar.

  3. Enter credentials for a local administrator account.
    This account is used as the management account.

  4. Click Create. Then specify a name and location for the package.

  5. Deploy the package using a remote deployment tool.

When the QuickAdd package is installed on computers, they are enrolled with the JSS.

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QuickAdd Packages Created Using Recon

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