Enroll Computers

Enrollment is the process of adding computers to the JAMF Software Server (JSS). When OS X computers are enrolled, inventory information for the computers is submitted to the JSS, and the computers become managed. This allows you to perform inventory tasks and remote management and configuration tasks on the computers. When you enroll computers, you specify a local administrator account that you want to use to manage them (called “management account”).

This guide explains two different enrollment methods:

  • Use the network scanner—You can remotely enroll multiple OS X computers in specified IP ranges by using the network scanner in Recon. Recon scans the specified IP ranges and enrolls any computers that it can connect to over SSH (Remote Login).
    For instructions, see Enroll Computers Using the Network Scanner.

  • Use a QuickAdd package—You can use Recon to create a QuickAdd package that enrolls OS X computers when it is installed. The QuickAdd package can be deployed using almost any deployment tool, such as Apple Remote Desktop or the Casper Suite.
    For instructions, see Enroll Computers Using a QuickAdd Package.

For information on alternate enrollment methods, see the About Computer Enrollment section in the Casper Suite Administrator’s Guide.

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