Create a Configuration

After you add an OS package to Casper Admin, create the configuration that you will use to image computers. Configurations are modular images that allow you to quickly specify what needs to be installed and configured on computers during imaging. Unlike standard images, you can easily make changes to configurations without rebuilding them.

Note: If you are using Casper Admin on a computer with OS X v10.5 or v10.6, you will need Casper Admin v9.4 or earlier.

Creating a Configuration

  1. Open Casper Admin and authenticate to the JSS.

  2. Click New Config images/download/thumbnails/12321587/icon_CA_folder.png .

  3. On the General pane, enter a name and description for the configuration.

  4. Click the Management tab and enter credentials for a local administrator account that you want to use for management.

  5. Click OK.
    The configuration is added to the list of configurations in the sidebar.

  6. Drag the OS package from the main repository to the configuration that you created.

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