Add a Package

Before creating a policy to install a package, add the package to Casper Admin.


To add a package to Casper Admin, you need a distribution point in the JSS. (For more information, see About Distribution Points in the Casper Suite Administrator's Guide.)

Note: If you are using Casper Admin on a computer with OS X v10.5 or v10.6, you will need Casper Admin v9.4 or earlier.

Adding a Package to Casper Admin

  1. Open Casper Admin and authenticate to the JSS.

  2. Drag the package to the main repository in Casper Admin.
    The package is displayed in blue text in the Unknown category until you add it to a category.

  3. Double-click the package in the main repository.

  4. Click the General tab and enter a display name for the package.

  5. Choose a category for the package.

  6. Click OK.

Administrator's Guide Reference Sections

Managing Packages

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