Viewing the JSS on Different Types of Devices

The JAMF Software Server (JSS) interface automatically adjusts to the width of your web browser to provide the best possible display for the device on which it is viewed. This allows you to seamlessly transition between devices—all providing an optimal viewing experience so you can navigate the JSS with minimal scrolling and panning.

The screen shots below show examples of how navigational elements in the JSS are displayed when viewed on the following types of devices:

  • Computer

  • Tablet

  • Smartphone or iPod touch

Computer Display


Note: When viewing the JSS on a computer, navigational elements display differently if the web browser is resized.

Tablet Display

The screen shot below shows the JSS displayed on a tablet in portrait orientation. For landscape orientation, the navigational elements display the same as they do in the computer view. (For more information, see Computer Display.)


Smartphone and iPod touch Display

On a smartphone or iPod touch, the JSS navigational elements display the same for both landscape and portrait orientation.


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