Understanding eBook Distribution Methods

The JAMF Software Server (JSS) provides two eBook distribution methods: install the eBook automatically/prompt users to install the eBook (iOS only), or make the eBook available in Self Service.

Install Automatically/Prompt Users to Install

When managed eBook requirements are met, the eBook is installed on iOS devices and users can view it with Apple’s iBooks app. If managed eBook requirements are not met, the eBook will be made available in Self Service for users to install. (For more information, see Managed eBook Requirements.)

The eBook is installed automatically if the following conditions are met:

  • The device has iOS 8 or 9 .

  • The device is supervised.
    Note: For more information on supervision, see Apple’s documentation at:

  • The user is signed in to the iTunes Store on the device.

  • The iBookstore has not been disabled on the device.

  • The device is not configured to require an Apple ID password for all purchases.

  • If the eBook wasn't assigned to the user for VPP-managed distribution, the user has recently authorized an iTunes Store purchase on the device, or the user's Apple ID has previously been used to install the eBook.

If these conditions are not met, users are prompted to install the eBook.

Note: If a user is in the scope for an eBook, the eBook will be installed automatically on all iOS devices that the user is assigned to in the JSS if managed eBook requirements are met. On other iOS devices that do not meet managed eBook requirements or computers assigned to the same user, the eBook will be made available in Self Service.

Make Available in Self Service

When you distribute an eBook using this method, it is made available in Self Service for users to install. You can choose whether or not to make the eBook managed when possible. (For more information, see Managed eBook Requirements.)

Related Information

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