Self Service Configuration Profiles for Mobile Devices

You can make any iOS configuration profile available in Self Service, but it is up to you to determine which profiles are appropriate.

When you make a configuration profile available in Self Service, you can specify which mobile devices display it in Self Service and which users can access it (called “scope”).

You can also customize how Self Service configuration profiles are displayed to users by doing the following:

  • Entering a description

  • Uploading an icon

  • Featuring the configuration profile

  • Displaying the configuration profile in one or more categories

Creating a Self Service Configuration Profile

  1. Log in to the JSS with a web browser.

  2. Click Mobile Devices at the top of the page.

  3. Click Configuration Profiles.
    On a smartphone or iPod touch, this option is in the pop-up menu.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • To use the JSS to manually create a new configuration profile, click New images/download/thumbnails/12322313/New_icon.png .

    • To upload a configuration profile (.mobileconfig) that was created using Apple’s Profile Manager, click Upload images/download/thumbnails/12322313/Upload_icon.png .

    For more information about configuration profiles, see iOS Configuration Profiles.

  5. On the General pane, select “Make Available in Self Service” from the Distribution Method pop-up menu and configure the rest of the settings as needed. You can customize the text displayed in the description for the profile in Self Service by using Markdown in the Description field.
    For information about Markdown, see the following Knowledge Base article:
    Using Markdown to Format Text

  6. Use the rest of the payloads to configure the settings you want to apply.

  7. Click the Scope tab and configure the scope of the configuration profile.
    For more information, see Scope.

  8. Click the Self Service tab and configure how the configuration profile is displayed in Self Service using the settings on the pane.

  9. Click Save.

The configuration profile is displayed in Self Service on mobile devices in the scope the next time they check in with the JSS and meet the criteria in the General payload.

Related Information

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