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Casper Focus is designed to be used by teachers in the classroom. It gives teachers control over the devices used during class time by allowing the teacher to “focus” the devices on a single app, website, or attention screen. Focusing a device locks it on the app, website, or attention screen, preventing students from accessing any other screens or content on the device.

In addition to focusing student devices, teachers can also perform the following actions in Casper Focus:

  • Clear passcodes on student devices.

  • Use AirPlay Mirroring to show the screen of a student device on Apple TV.

  • Distribute eBooks (ePub format only) so that students can install the eBooks on their devices from Self Service.

Casper Focus is available for free from the App Store.

Preparing to Use Casper Focus

Before teachers can use Casper Focus, you need to prepare it for use in the classroom.

Device Requirements

You must ensure that teacher and student mobile devices meet the minimum requirements for use, as well as the feature-specific device requirements for each Casper Focus feature that teachers plan to use.

Minimum Device Requirements

Teacher device:

  • iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch with iOS 7–9

Student device:

  • iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch with iOS 7–9

  • Managed by the Casper Suite v8.7 or later

Feature-Specific Device Requirements

The following table shows the feature-specific device requirements that must be met to perform Casper Focus actions on student mobile devices. These requirements are in addition to the minimum device requirements.


Student Device Requirements

Other Requirements

Focus on App

Supervised by Apple Configurator


Focus on Website

  • Supervised by Apple Configurator

  • Managed by the Casper Suite v9.3 or later


Focus on Attention Screen

  • Supervised by Apple Configurator

  • Managed by the Casper Suite v9.7 or later

  • Self Service Mobile v9.7 or later installed


Clear Passcodes

(Minimum requirements only)


Mirror Device on Apple TV

  • Supervised by Apple Configurator

  • Managed by the Casper Suite v9.1 or later

Apple TV device with Apple TV software based on iOS 7–9, managed by the Casper Suite v9.1 or later

Distribute eBooks

  • Managed by the Casper Suite v9.1 or later

  • Self Service Mobile or Self Service web clip installed

  • For students to install an eBook (ePub format only) that was distributed using Casper Focus, the student device must have iBooks 3.2 or later


For more information on Casper Focus features, see the Casper Focus User Guide. This guide is available at:

Before Using Casper Focus

In addition to ensuring that mobile devices meet the requirements for using Casper Focus, you also need to perform the following tasks to allow teachers to use Casper Focus:

  • Create classes in the JSS—The classes you create in the JAMF Software Server (JSS) allow teachers to use Casper Focus to control student devices during class time. (For more information, see Classes.)

  • Preconfigure the connection to the JSS—Casper Focus must be able to connect to the JSS to work. To do this, the JSS URL setting in Casper Focus must be populated with the JSS URL. With this setting preconfigured, teachers can log in and use Casper Focus without having to manually configure the JSS URL themselves.
    For more information on preconfiguring the JSS URL, see the following Knowledge Base article:
    Configuring Server Settings for Casper Focus

  • (Optional) Add an LDAP server to the JSS—Integrating with an LDAP directory service allows teachers to log in to Casper Focus using the username and password for their LDAP directory account. (For more information, see Integrating with LDAP Directory Services.)
    If you do not have an LDAP server set up in the JSS, teachers can log in to Casper Focus with a JSS user account.

  • Check Web Content Filter payload settings—If you currently use the Web Content Filter payload in an iOS configuration profile to limit student devices to specific websites only, you need to ensure that the payload’s Specific Websites list includes the URLs of any websites that teachers will focus student devices on.

  • Specify AirPlay passwords for Apple TV devices—If teachers will be mirroring student devices on Apple TV using Casper Focus and the Apple TV devices are configured with AirPlay passwords, you will need to specify the AirPlay password for each Apple TV by editing its inventory information in the JSS. (For more information, see Viewing and Editing Inventory Information for a Mobile Device.)

Related Information

For related information, see the following section in this guide:

Learn how to create classes in the JSS so teachers can control student devices using Casper Focus.

For instructions on how to use Casper Focus in the classroom, see the Casper Focus User Guide. This guide is available at:

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