About Self Service for Computers

The Self Service application allows users to browse and run policies, install configuration profiles, Mac App Store apps and eBooks, access webpages, and utilize plug-ins developed with the Self Service API. Users can point and click their way through Self Service using an intuitive interface similar to iTunes.

The JAMF Software Server (JSS) allows you to manage every aspect of Self Service, including its installation, user authentication, and the items available to users. In addition, you can configure notifications to be displayed to users as new items are added to Self Service.

You can make any policy, configuration profile, Mac App Store app, or eBook available in Self Service and customize how it is displayed to users. This includes displaying an icon and description, featuring the item on the main page, displaying it in relevant categories, and displaying item-specific notifications. You can also specify which computers display the item in Self Service and which users can access it.

In addition, you can make plug-ins available in Self Service to extend the functionality of the application. There are two types of plug-ins you can make available: URL plug-ins and Self Service Plug-in bundles. URL plug-ins give users easy access to webpages right from the application. Self Service Plug-in bundles are custom plug-ins developed with the Self Service API.

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