About Mobile Device Enrollment

Enrollment is the process of adding mobile devices to the JAMF Software Server (JSS) to establish a connection between the devices and the JSS. This allows you to perform inventory, configuration, security management, and distribution tasks on the devices.

When mobile devices are enrolled, inventory information for the devices is submitted to the JSS.

There are several ways to enroll mobile devices with the JSS:

  • User-initiated enrollment—You can allow users to enroll mobile devices by having them log in to an enrollment portal where they follow the onscreen instructions to install the necessary profile and certificates. You can provide this URL by sending it in an email or SMS invitation from the JSS, or through any other means that fit your environment.
    Personally owned devices can only be enrolled via user-initiated enrollment, and require an enabled personal device profile assigned to the site that the user has access to (or to the full JSS if sites have not been added to the JSS). For more information, see Personal Device Profiles.

  • Enroll mobile devices using an enrollment profile—You can create an enrollment profile using the JSS and install it on mobile devices by connecting them to a computer via USB. This enrollment method requires Apple Configurator or Apple's iPhone Configuration Utility (iPCU).
    Apple TV devices can only be enrolled by connecting them to a computer via USB and installing an enrollment profile using Apple Configurator.

  • Enroll mobile devices using a PreStage enrollment—A PreStage enrollment allows you to store enrollment and mobile device setup settings in the JSS and use them to enroll new mobile devices with the JSS. This reduces the amount of time and interaction it takes to prepare new mobile devices for use.
    You can also use Apple Configurator 2 and a PreStage enrollment to enroll devices with the JSS, supervise them, and configure device setup.
    This enrollment method requires an Apple Deployment Programs account. For more information, see the Integrating with Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP) Knowledge Base article.

  • Apple Configurator enrollment—You can enroll mobile devices with the JSS by connecting them to a computer via USB and using an enrollment URL with Apple Configurator 2.

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