Tomcat PermGen Size

You can use the JSS Database Utility to configure the minimum and maximum PermGen sizes for Tomcat.

Configuring Tomcat PermGen Size

  1. Open the JSS Database Utility on the JSS host server.
    The JSS Database Utility is located in:

  2. Enter the username and password for an administrator account to the server, and then click OK.

  3. If the JSS Database Utility is unable to locate the MySQL binary, you are prompted to enter the path. Click Continue and enter the full path to the binary.

  4. From the menu bar, choose Utilities > Change Tomcat settings.

  5. Use the PermGen Size sliders to configure the minimum and maximum PermGen sizes as needed.

  6. Click Apply Settings.

  7. When prompted to restart Tomcat, click Yes.

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