This section lists the requirements for the applications and utilities you need to install and maintain the JAMF Software Server (JSS), and JAMF Distribution Server (JDS) instances.

JAMF Software Server

You can host the JSS on any server that meets the following requirements:

  • Java 1.7 or Java 1.8

  • MySQL 5.5.x or 5.6.x (MySQL 5.6.x is recommended)

  • Apache Tomcat 7 or 8 (Tomcat 7 is recommended)

Tested Mac operating systems include:

  • OS X v10.7

  • OS X v10.8

  • OS X v10.9

  • OS X v10.10

  • OS X v10.11

Although you can install the JSS on any server that meets the minimum requirements, the JSS Installer for Mac has additional requirements. (For more information, see the next section.)

Browser requirements for the JSS are as follows:

  • Safari

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Google Chrome

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer

JSS Installer for Mac

The JSS Installer for Mac requires a Mac computer with:

JSS Database Utility

The JSS Database Utility requires a server with MySQL 5.5.x or 5.6.x (MySQL 5.6.x is recommended) installed.

JDS Installer for Mac

The JDS Installer for Mac requires a computer with:

JDS Installer for Linux

The JDS Installer for Linux requires a computer with:

  • An Intel processor

  • 2 GB of RAM

  • 100 GB of disk space available

  • One of the following operating systems:

    • Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server

    • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server

    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.4, 6.5, 6.6, or 7.0
      Note: To install a JDS instance on a Linux operating system that is running on a virtual machine, you need a virtualization platform that provides SMBIOS information.

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