Upgrading the JSS

Upgrading the Jamf Software Server (JSS) involves the following steps:

  1. Prepare to upgrade.

  2. Run the JSS Installer.
    Note: The JSS Installer cannot be used to upgrade the JSS v8.1 or earlier.

  3. Finalize the upgrade and revert server settings.

Note : To take full advantage of all new features, bug fixes, and enhancements available in the Casper Suite, it is recommended that you use the latest version of the JSS and the client applications. To upgrade the client applications, simply replace the existing applications with the latest version.

Step 1: Prepare to Upgrade

Ensure the following:

  • You are logged in as a local administrator, not as a domain administrator.

  • Apache Tomcat is stopped.
    For instructions, see the following Knowledge Base article:
    Starting and Stopping Tomcat

Step 2: Run the JSS Installer

Important: If an upgrade fails, do not click OK. Contact Jamf Support immediately.

  1. Back up the current database using the JSS Database Utility.

    For more information, see Backing Up the Database.

  2. Copy the most current version of the JSS Installer for Windows (JSS Installer.msi) to the server.

    To obtain the JSS Installer for Windows, log in to Jamf Nation and click Show alternative downloads below the Casper Suite DMG on the following page:

  3. Double-click the installer and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the upgrade.

Step 3: Finalize the Upgrade and Revert Server Settings

When the upgrade is complete:

  1. (Upgrades from v9.72 or earlier only) Modify the server.xml file as explained in the following KB articles:

  2. Manually restart Tomcat.

  3. Verify that you can log in to the JSS.

    Due to a display issue that occurs with Internet Explorer, it is recommended that you use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.

Related Information

For related information, see the following Knowledge Base article:

Manually Upgrading the JSS on Windows
Use the ROOT.war file to upgrade the JSS instead of using the installer.

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