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Jamf Self Service for iOS

The Jamf Self Service for iOS app has been completely restyled and includes the following enhancements:

  • Updated User Interface—Jamf Self Service for iOS has been redesigned to provide users with an updated, intuitive interface.

  • Accessibility Enhancement—Jamf Self Service for iOS now supports VoiceOver.

  • Responsive Design—Jamf Self Service for iOS now automatically adjusts to the size and orientation of your mobile device.

Jamf Self Service for iOS 10.5.0 can run on mobile devices with iOS 10 or later that are managed by Jamf Pro 9.4 or later.

Note: Jamf Self Service for iOS 10.5.0 will be available from the App Store when it is approved by Apple.

Computer Management Capabilities

Computer Remote Command Enhancements

You can now send the Enable/Disable Bluetooth command for computers with macOS 10.13.4 or later. This command can be sent as a remote command or a mass action.

Added Control Over Network State Change Triggers

You can now allow or prevent "Network State Change" triggers for policies globally by selecting or deselecting the Allow Network State Change Triggers checkbox. To access this feature in Jamf Pro, navigate to Settings > Computer Management > Check-In.

Mobile Device Management Capabilities

Mobile Device Remote Command Enhancements

  • You can now send the Enable/Disable Bluetooth command for supervised mobile devices with iOS 11.3 or later. This command can be sent as a remote command or a mass action.

  • You can now configure the Suppress Proximity Setup checkbox option for wiping mobile devices with iOS 11.3 or later as a Healthcare Listener rule.

AirPlay Permissions Enhancements

You can now limit the number of connections from the Apple TV Remote app to allowed Apple TV destinations. When the Automate Apple TV Remote app connections to permitted Apple TV destinations checkbox is selected in Settings > Global Management > AirPlay Permissions, the Apple TV Remote app on a device with iOS 11.3 or later can only connect to an Apple TV device based on the configured mapping field. Additionally, a device with tvOS 11.3 or later will only allow Apple TV Remote app connections from the allowed iOS devices. To ensure the permission is correctly configured, the devices must share the selected inventory field. To view and edit the inventory field values, go to the User and Location category in the device's inventory information.Note: To control your Apple TV device, use the Control Center on a device with iOS 11.3 or later, or connect it to the App Store Apple TV Remote app. For more information, see the following article from Apple's support website: https://support.apple.com/HT201664.

Webhook Enhancements

You can now choose which smart computer group will trigger the "SmartGroupComputerMembershipChange" webhook event. The webhook message will include all computers that have been added or removed from the smart computer group.
Note: Jamf Pro displays a warning if a smart computer group associated with a webhook is deleted.

Script Editor Enhancements

Script editors in Jamf Pro have been updated to include the following enhancements:

  • Syntax highlighting for popular languages

  • Themes to customize the look and feel

  • Editor keyboard commands

These enhancements have been applied to the following locations in Jamf Pro:

  • Scripts

  • Computer extension attributes

  • Patch management

  • Jamf Pro server logs

  • Jamf Pro Summary

Jamf Pro API Beta

The Jamf Pro API (formerly the Universal API) beta is now open for user testing. The base URL for the Jamf Pro API is /uapi. To access the Jamf Pro API documentation, append "/uapi/doc" to your Jamf Pro URL. For example:


Note: As the Jamf Pro API continues to be developed, changes will be made in future releases that may impact or break functionality. We strongly recommend that you test existing workflows using the Jamf Pro API before upgrading your production environment.

Jamf Pro API Enhancements

  • The PUT /uapi/settings/obj/selfservice endpoint now accepts the applicationName field.

  • The applicationName field has been added to the GET /uapi/settings/obj/selfservice endpoint.

  • The following fields have been added to the POST /inventory/obj/mobileDevice/{id}/update endpoint:

    • osType

    • isManaged

    • excludedIds

Other Changes and Enhancements

  • The "Jamf API" has been renamed to the "Classic API".

  • The Self Service for macOS, Self Service for iOS, and Bookmarks settings have been moved and are now located under the new Self Service section in the Jamf Pro settings.

  • When specifying a management password via the user-initiated enrollment settings, the minimum password length requirement has been updated to six characters.

  • You can now delete a username associated with a redeemed VPP code by navigating to the app or book that was distributed using VPP codes. On the VPP Codes tab, you can click Delete for the applicable user that redeemed the app or book with the VPP code. This removes the username from the VPP code in Jamf Pro.

Further Considerations

  • Privileges associated with new features in Jamf Pro are disabled by default.

  • It is recommended that you clear your browser's cache after upgrading Jamf Pro to ensure that the Jamf Pro interface displays correctly.

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