Jamf Pro System Requirements

Levels of Compatibility

The following table provides descriptions of the levels of compatibility for Jamf Pro testing and product issue support:


Compatibility Level


Product Issue Support


Full compatibility
Jamf targets development and testing resources to configurations at this level.


Jamf is committed to fixing product issues that arise at this level.

Minimum Required

High compatibility
Most configurations at this level were previously recommended and are likely to work.


Jamf will attempt to fix product issues that arise at this level.

Configurations that do not meet the minimum requirements have not been tested, but may work.

Computer and Mobile Device Management

The following table lists operating system requirements for managed computers and mobile devices:






macOS 10.13.x

iOS 11.x

tvOS 11.x

Minimum Required

macOS 10.12.x

iOS 10.x

tvOS 10.2

macOS 10.11.x

iOS 9.x


macOS 10.10.x

iOS 8.x


* Also indicates macOS versions required to run Composer on Mac computers.

Web Browsers

The following table lists the browser requirements for enrollment and access to web applications:









Microsoft Internet Explorer 11


Minimum Required

Google Chrome


Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox


Mozilla Firefox




Microsoft Edge


Jamf Pro Server Environment

The following table lists the server and related services requirements for Jamf Pro on-premise environments and the Jamf Pro installers:


Server OS

Tomcat Version

Database Configuration



Windows Server 2016

Tomcat 8.5

MySQL 5.7 – InnoDB or MyISAM

Oracle Java 1.8

Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS


MySQL 5.7 on Amazon RDS – InnoDB

OpenJDK 1.8

macOS 10.13*




Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.x




Minimum Required

Windows Server 2012 R2

Tomcat 7

MySQL 5.6 – InnoDB or MyISAM


Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS


MySQL 5.5 – MyISAM


macOS 10.12*




Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x




* macOS is not recommended for clustered environments.

Note: Although you can install Jamf Pro on any server that meets the minimum requirements, the Jamf Pro Installers for Mac, Linux, and Windows have additional requirements. For more information, see the Jamf Pro Installation and Configuration Guide for your platform.

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