Resolved Issues

Jamf Pro Server: Security Issues

Jamf provides the CVE-ID for security issues with high or critical severity when possible.
  • [PI110397] Change management logs are no longer incorrectly written to the JAMFSoftwareServer.log file. This resolved issue is also included in Jamf Pro 10.40.1 or later.

  • [PI110371] Resolved an issue that caused sensitive information disclosure.

Jamf Pro Server

  • [PI109789] Jamf Pro correctly assigns app licenses for iOS and macOS apps and no longer returns the error "Pending - All licenses are in use, or the license is not assigned yet" when the Jamf Pro database contains devices with blank serial numbers.

  • [PI110381] The following software titles from the Jamf App Catalog no longer have duplicated versioning values: Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Microsoft Skype, Google Earth Pro, and Google Backup and Sync. This change no longer prevents App Installers from deploying a newer version to computers with the software title installed and no longer blocks deployments of other App Installers.

  • [PI110433] Resolved an issue that caused existing SCEP profiles that use the "Dynamic-DigiCert" challenge type for DigiCert SCEP to change to the "Static" challenge type after upgrading to Jamf Pro 10.40.0. This resolved issue is also included in Jamf Pro 10.40.1 or later.

  • [PI110454] Custom on-premise LDAP attributes synced to Azure AD no longer cause scoping or login issues.