Applications and Utilities

This section provides an overview of the applications and utilities that you need to install and maintain Jamf Pro.

Jamf Pro Server

The Jamf Pro server is a web app that functions as the administrative core of Jamf Pro. The Jamf Pro server allows you to perform inventory and remote management and configuration tasks on managed computers and mobile devices. All other administrative applications in Jamf Pro communicate with the Jamf Pro server.

Jamf Pro Installer for Linux

The Jamf Pro Installer for Linux is a .run file that allows you to install and upgrade Jamf Pro on supported Linux operating systems.

To obtain the Jamf Pro Installer for Linux, log in to Jamf Account, navigate to Products > Pro, and click Download for Linux.

Jamf Pro Server Tools

Jamf Pro Server Tools allows you to back up and restore the Jamf Pro database. It also allows you to restart Apache Tomcat and MySQL and modify their settings.

Jamf Pro Server Tools is installed automatically when you run the Jamf Pro Installer. It is located at:


Jamf Pro Server Tools also has a command-line interface (CLI). It is located at:


The Jamf Pro installer for Linux includes only the 64-bit version of the CLI. If you are using 32-bit Linux, you must manually download and use the 32-bit version of the CLI. For instructions, see the The Jamf Pro Server Tools Command-Line Interface article.