User Inventory and Criteria Reference

This section lists the inventory attributes you can view for a user. These attributes can be used as criteria for your smart user groups and advanced user searches. Attribute labels are the same in inventory information and in criteria lists unless otherwise noted. Some attributes are editable.

General Category

The General category allows you to view the following information for a user:

  • User Image

    • Shared iPad only

    • Displays only when user images are enabled and the requirements for enabling Apple Education Support are met

    • You can edit the URL for the user image by selecting the Custom Image URL checkbox. This allows you to overwrite the existing distribution point URL for a single user image.

  • Username

  • Full Name

  • Email Address

  • Phone Number

  • Position

  • Extension Attributes

  • Site

Extension attributes are also displayed in the General category of user inventory information.

For more information about enabling user images as a part of Apple Education Support, see Apple Education Support Settings.

Roster Category

The Roster category of inventory attributes only displays if your environment is integrated with Apple School Manager. The following table lists the inventory attributes you can view for a user:



Last Sync




User Number


Full Name from Roster


First Name


Middle Name


Last Name


Managed Apple ID


Managed Apple ID uses federated authentication

This field displays whether or not a user's Managed Apple ID uses federated authentication. This enables Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) credentials to be leveraged as the user's Managed Apple ID. For more information about federated authentication, see Intro to federated authentication with Apple School Manager from the Apple School Manager User Guide.



Password Policy

The following options are available for the Password Policy:

  • 4-Digit
  • 6-Digit
  • Standard (8 or more numbers and letters)

Shared iPad only

Mobile Devices Category

The Mobile Devices category displays a list of mobile devices that the user is assigned to.

Computers Category

The Computers category displays a list of computers that the user is assigned to.

eBooks Category

The eBooks category displays a list of books distributed to the user.

Volume Assignments Category

The Volume Assignments category displays a list of content assigned to the user via volume assignments.

You can use the following volume assignments criteria in your smart groups and advanced searches:

  • Content Name

  • Content Type

  • VPP Account

  • VPP Invitation Status

VPP Codes Category

The VPP Codes category displays a list of VPP codes redeemed by the user.