What's New in This Release

This release of Jamf Pro includes updates to support the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For information on complying with GDPR-related requests in Jamf Pro, see the following Knowledge Base articles:

This release includes the following bug fixes:

  • [SUS-5081] Fixed an issue that prevented location information from being deleted when a computer, mobile device, or user was deleted from Jamf Pro. Location information will now be deleted on the User and Location History page when the associated user is deleted.

  • [SUS-5082] Fixed an issue that prevented the removal of local usernames from the device_aad_information database table when deleting a computer registered with Azure Active Directory and managed by Jamf Pro.

  • [SUS-5128] Fixed an issue that prevented Jamf Pro from disassociating an email address for VPP registration when the user was deleted from Jamf Pro.

For information on the new features, bug fixes, and known issues included in 10.4.0, as well as instructions on upgrading Jamf Pro, see the 10.4.0 Jamf Pro Release Notes.

For additional Jamf Pro documentation, see the following:

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