Resolved Issues

Jamf Pro Server: Security Issues

Jamf provides the CVE-ID for security issues with high or critical severity when possible.
  • [PI-008898] Removed an Insecure Direct Object Reference in Jamf Pro.

  • [PI-010464] The Jamf Pro installers have been updated to include Apache Log4j 2 version 2.17.1, which remediated vulnerability CVE-2021-44832.

Jamf Pro Server

  • [PI-009896] The Scripts page filter in Jamf Pro can now find scripts that do not have a category assigned.

  • [PI-010268] Jamf Pro accounts belonging to a group with privileges to access Settings > Jamf Applications > Jamf Connect are now able to successfully load the page.

  • [PI-010326] Increased the reliability of mobile device management commands being deleted when a device or user token is deleted.

  • [PI-010355] Volume Purchasing assignments are now correctly re-assigned when a Volume Location location is moved to a different site.

  • [PI-010491] [PI109654] Custom (B2B) apps with unavailable app information from Apple are now editable and correctly distribute to target computers.

  • [PI109754] Sending a Download and Install Updates remote command to a scoped group that includes iOS devices no longer fails in Jamf Pro.

  • [PI109775] Jamf Pro performance is no longer degraded when 100 or more sites are configured.