Jamf Pro Documentation

The Jamf Pro Documentation (formerly the Jamf Pro Administrator's Guide) contains overviews about Jamf Pro features and instructions for performing administrative tasks using Jamf Pro.

Before using the instructions in this guide:

  • If hosted on-premise, the Jamf Pro server must be installed.

  • If hosted in Jamf Cloud, your cloud instance must be set up and accessible.

Additional Resources

Documentation and Training via Jamf Account

The Jamf Account portal serves as a central hub where customers and partners can access release notes, documentation, training courses, and support resources related to their individual accounts with Jamf.
  • Release notes

    The release notes include information on new features and enhancements, system requirements, resolved issues, and more.

  • Installation and configuration guides (on-premise only)

    These guides provide information on installing and configuring Jamf Pro on supported Linux, Windows, and Mac platforms. They also explain how to perform advanced configuration and troubleshooting tasks. The guides for Linux and Windows include instructions for performing a manual installation of Jamf Pro on those platforms.

Technical Articles

Technical Articles address frequently asked questions and common issues.

Resources on jamf.com

Search the Resources area on the Jamf website to access a range of documentation resources including product guides, technical papers, and more.

Other Resources

For access to other Jamf Pro-related resources, visit the following webpages:
Jamf Nation Community

Jamf Nation allows community members to engage with Jamf.

Jamf 100 Course

The Jamf 100 Course offers a self-paced introduction to Jamf Pro and an enterprise-focused foundation of the macOS, iOS, and tvOS platforms.

Jamf Online Training Catalog

The Jamf Online Training catalog provides self-paced modules to help you learn Apple device management with Jamf Pro. This resource is available for free to all Jamf customers.

Jamf Videos

The Jamf YouTube channel features videos and troubleshooting tips on managing computers and mobile devices with Jamf Pro.

Jamf Marketplace

The Jamf Marketplace is a central location for you to find, learn about, and utilize valuable tools to integrate with and extend the Jamf platform.