Resolved Issues

Jamf Pro Server: Security Issues

Jamf provides the CVE-ID for security issues with high or critical severity when possible.

  • [PI-010190] URL injection is no longer possible through certain API endpoints.

  • [PI-005567] Jamf Pro no longer unexpectedly stores WLAN information in the keychain.

Jamf Pro Server

  • [PI-005367] When configuring an external patch source, Jamf Pro is now able to complete a test of the connection to the source if more than 12 digits are saved in the Port field.

  • [PI-006135] All InstallApplication commands are no longer removed from a device's management history when only one command is canceled.

  • [PI-008745] Fixed an issue that could prevent apps purchased in volume from install when the vpp_licenses auto_increment table in MySQL reached its maximum.

  • [PI-009318] Fixed an issue that incorrectly restricted the maximum number of Azure cloud IdP groups configured as limitations or exclusions in scope of an object (e.g., a configuration profile).

  • [PI-010036] More than 100 rows of data can now be exported from Inventory Preload to a CSV file.

  • [PI-010098] Fixed an issue that caused the Recommend Software Update Version remote command to be inadvertently displayed for tvOS devices.

  • [PI-010102] Fixed an issue that prevented the Download and Install button from being visible when issuing software update commands if the target computer did not have a bootstrap token escrowed.

  • [PI-010107] Fixed an issue that prevented the Test button from displaying when user images were enabled in Apple Education Support settings.

  • [PI-010141] The EDU profile now installs when pushing an EDU profile to devices in Jamf Pro on-premise environments with installations of OpenJDK 11.0.12 or later.

  • [PI-010249] Initial smart group calculations should no longer cause slow or failed computer enrollments during group membership updates.

Jamf Self Service for macOS

  • [PI-007306] Fixed an issue where deleting a scoped user group in Jamf Pro and then attempting to access a Self Service Bookmark object, resulted in a blank page and macOS Self Service connection failure.

  • [PI-009866] Fixed an issue where macOS Self Service had a delayed response when a user clicked between pages in the Browse view.

  • [PI-009950] Fixed an issue where deleting a scoped Bookmark left the Bookmark Object available and non-functional on the scoped computer in Self Service for macOS.