Account-Driven User Enrollment Experience for Personally Owned Mobile Devices

When a user authenticates to their device with a Managed Apple ID, the enrollment process initializes. Users are redirected to the enrollment portal and prompted to install the MDM profile on their device. The text displayed in the enrollment portal may vary depending on if the text or languages are customized in the User-Initiated Enrollment settings. For more information, see User-Initiated Enrollment Settings.

Note: If you are re-enrolling a device that was previously enrolled using the deprecated method of using a Personal Device Profile, it is recommended that you first remove the device's previous record from Jamf Pro. For more information about how to re-enroll a device enrolled using a Personal Device Profile, see "Migrating Devices from Personal Device Profiles to User Enrollment" in the Building a BYOD Program with User Enrollment and Jamf Pro technical paper.

The following workflow describes how Account-Driven User Enrollment can be used to enroll personally owned mobile devices with Jamf Pro:

  1. The user authenticates to the device using a Managed Apple ID by navigating to Settings > General > VPN & Device Management > Sign In to Work or School Account:


  2. The user is prompted to enter a Managed Apple ID:

    Important: The user must enter the full Managed Apple ID. For example, ""

    After the user enters the Managed Apple ID, the user must tap Continue.

  3. The enrollment portal displays and prompts the user to enter their Jamf Pro User Account or directory credentials (for example, LDAP).


    After entering directory credentials, the user must tap Log In.

  4. The user is directed to the Settings app and must enter their Managed Apple ID email address and password when prompted.


    After entering the Managed Apple ID and password, the user must tap Continue.

  5. The user is prompted to allow remote management.


    The MDM Profile downloads on the device when the user taps Allow Remote Management.


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